And the purpose of art is…?

When I followed the Muse to begin writing ‘Bookish Nature,’ I never could have foreseen that one day my words would be woven into a beautiful dance piece, choreographed and performed so far away on a distant shore…
It is such an honour and a privilege to feel a part of this magical expression of the spirit of art; a piece which, in itself, was formed out of art’s powerful ability to connect, transform and constantly renew…
It is amazing where the Muse might lead…
Please visit Amanda Banks’s beautiful post to read the thoughts and aims behind the dance’s choreography, inspiration and creation…


6 thoughts on “And the purpose of art is…?

  1. Hi Melanie,

    Thank you so much for reblogging my post, it really is amazing to witness such delicate threads of connection, good will and good feeling magically travel their way between your world, Louise’s and mine. And not just to witness that but be a part of it! Really, wow, how did that happen?

    I did not necessarily expect you or Louise to give permission for me to use your words, I was quite nervous about asking you both, and it has been the most marvellous of surprises to discover that it brought you both happiness. Wow, knowing that and experiencing the feelings that come with that, is truly uplifting… This is part of what life is really about, somewhere underneath the struggles that we all experience, underneath the pull of our demanding egos, underneath the sometimes seeming disconnectedness of everything… To do the little things that may bring a smile to someone else’s face, to share a connection and share in the positive feelings generated.

    Thank you again and I hope that some lovely rays of May sunshine fill your weekend…

    Amanda x

    • Amanda – it’s such a pleasure to re-blog your thoughtful and beautiful post, and a real treat for me to be able to see the wonderful photos of the dance performance. I keep having that “Wow, how did that happen?” response too!

      I still can’t get my head around the fact that words from this blog were chosen to be an ingredient in the creative mix that transformed into this beautiful dance – something new, unfolding and dynamic, filled with the thoughts, creativity and inspirations of a whole group of people, some of whom live so far apart and have never met!

      It was such an honour to feel a part of that – and to share in that magical process with you and Louise, and with your students and everyone involved. It seems that it’s been a process filled with surprises and unexpected outcomes for all! When I started this blog, it was with a lot of trepidation. But this, for me, has been a life-affirming demonstration of where the flow might take us, if we risk dipping our toes in the water. For me, it’s so heart-warming that you found something meaningful in my words; something that struck a chord. And it’s really uplifting, and astonishing to me, that those words have been let loose amongst such amazing company!

      A big thank you again, Amanda, for this really special experience… Hope you and yours are flourishing…

      Melanie x

    • Thank you, Diana! I’m astonished that something I wrote found its way into the creative melting pot that produced such a beautiful dance – I’m still trying to believe that my words were a part of it all, and am so delighted that Amanda found something in my ‘Way of the Muse’ post that she wanted to add to the mix!

  2. Melanie, I’m now going to read your ‘Way of the Muse’ post and report back! I liked how Amanda views art as something that belongs to all of us and not some rarified ivory tower phenomenon. It seems that something greater than the sum of the parts was created through the collaboration, and that everyone has gained something important!

    • So glad you followed the trail to Amanda’s lovely blog, and enjoyed her thoughts on art. A few seconds ago, I was watching a couple of goldfinches perched on the dandelions in our “mini-meadow” in the back garden – and a thought suddenly came into my head that art is a bit like an ecosystem, one part feeding another – dance, writing, painting, music – and that art feeds us and we feed it – and, if it thrives, we keep some essential connection within ourselves, and between each other, alive and healthy. Just a rambling, unformed thought really – but prompted by your comment, and by thinking about the unexpected ways in which anyone can gain by tending the artistic spirit! Thanks for following the Muse-trail further back via my old post too!

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