Literature and Nature…

…My twin passions!  

 If you too have a passion for either, or both, of these things, you will know how they feel nothing short of hardwired into your very self. Through life, they play a big part in shaping your own nature – or your nature responds to their influence and rightness of fit…whichever comes first. Though in reality, I think, it’s a cyclical process, forever ongoing, with no possible unravelling of beginnings or ends.

 These two passions will certainly be the chief shaping factors of this blog. Sometimes they will intertwine, sometimes separate; though, hopefully, often inform and illuminate each other! Under those subheadings of Books and Nature, I think it’s going to be an eclectic mix. Some posts will contrast, many connect. From the Hobbit to Hamlet; from Ruby Ferguson to William Faulkner, from my back garden to the wild wood – from wagtails to whales; from the nightingale in poetry – to the poetry in the peregrine…

 …With a big splash of my favourite writers along the way! My top ‘Big Three’- Thomas Hardy, Charles Dickens and William Shakespeare will put in many an appearance – and my special interest in children’s literature means that a cornucopia of children’s writers, past and present, will inspire many a post. Beyond any doubt, there will be lots of wallows in the nature writing to be found within its very own genre (from the likes of (again favourite) writers such as Richard Mabey, Roger Deakin, Kathleen Jamie, Chris Ferris, Robert Macfarlane et al…) along with celebrations of all that wonderful nature writing to be found in a whole range of novels, poetry, plays, journals and essays as an intrinsic part of the very fabric of Literature and Life.  

 Each post, I think, will be a response to moments (bookish or nature-related, or both!) which clamour to be kept and tucked in the memory…

 Recently, I read a quote from Kathleen Jamie, the writer and poet, which in itself, struck me as something perfect I wanted to pick up and keep. She said ‘Your creative mind is like a coat-pocket…’ So, here I am, keeping the idea of the coat-pocket in my ‘coat-pocket’ so to speak!

And that’s exactly what this blog feels like – like a coat-pocket, just waiting to be filled with what I pick up along the way…

 I hope you’ll join me here on my wanderings, share in my findings – and add some of your own along the way!


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