If you know what species a tree is, you have a good idea what its closed leaf bud will eventually look like when it’s fully unfurled. Between the closed bud and the time-worn leaf, there’s a known or expected rhythm, a theme – but so many possible shaping factors…

How exactly will the unfurling leaf turn to the light? Precisely how will it curl in response to dryness and heat – or bend under the weight of rain? What patterns and marks will be left by time’s events?

I have an idea what this blog is waiting to be whilst it simmers in my mind; a tentative mental picture of how it might grow – but only time will tell how exactly it will emerge as I turn these ideas to the light and see what happens!


2 thoughts on “Beginnings…

  1. Hello Melanie, how lovely to see your new blog! I shall subscribe to it (as soon as I’ve worked out how to subscribe!) and shall certainly be visiting often.

    I like the title of your blog as well, marrying together your twin passions. I am afraid I do not know about nature as I should: I doubt I could identify different types of trees (apart from some of the more obvious ones, perhaps). The problem with me is that while I do love woodlands and the countryside, I have a most irrational and embarrassing but nonetheless very real terror of dogs (“cynophobia”, I believe it’s called) and I haven’t seen any patch of woodlands or countryside yet that is free of them! But an elderly friend of mine who loves his Shakespeare once told me that when he tried to imagine Heaven, he couldn’t help but imagine it to be like the Forest of Arden. That image has for some reason stuck in my mind: heaven is like the Forest of Arden, and when, for all my disbelief, I get there, I will have shed my cynophobia. Or something like that…

    I will read your posts at leisure once I get back home tonight (I’m still in the office): I’ve already spotted one on Wordsworth that looks fascinating.

    All the best for now,

    • Brilliant to see you here, Himadri! Welcome!

      As you can see, it’s still very early days here, so I’m just getting things established – but I’ll be wending my way through many literary trails, with divergences into all sorts of themes and aspects of literature, besides all my nature related stuff, so I hope you’ll find many a post that’ll be right up your street (as you would expect, Shakespeare and Dickens will be putting in many an appearance!)

      The Forest of Arden as heaven – that’s a lovely idea… Whenever I think of literature entwined with nature, my mind always returns to Shakespeare’s forest – that landscape of the mind and imagination, of transformation and possibilities. For me, it’s the centrepoint of the literary wild landscape! You know, Himadri, I reckon if the Forest of Arden is heaven – it’s that very transforming, magical quality that would abide, with the option to leave any disturbing elements on terra firma! I reckon, in transforming in accord with your personal dreams and wishes, the possibilities could easily include a dog free Arden!

      Anyway, it really is good to see you here, Himadri. Thanks for dropping in and commenting; looking forward to more book talk as time goes on…

      All the best,

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